Play Wild Swarm slot online

Even though we consider ourselves as geeks, we do step outside once in a while. Believe it or not but there is also geeky stuff to do out there and the good news is, thanks to our fast-paced online world as soon as you come back home something new has come up and we are checking it out right away. Ok, we admit it most of those new things are games of any kind. We probably gave video games a bit too much attention lately so we have to refocus ourselves a bit. I mean video games are nice, fun, cool and all but there is just something missing. When you play the games of an online casino there is a certain special thrill, a kick or a rush that you will not find anywhere else. It is a bit hard to describe but once you played a game that gives you the chance to win real money you will know what we are talking about. When you play the wild swarm slot online for example and you are watching the reels turning, that is so much more than just fun. It is exciting and entertaining and, well you know geeky and that is why we love that feeling so much.

There are people who argue that it is all a big hoax and you can not win while playing in an online casino. Well, that is simply not true and we have proof of that. Because James did play the wild swarm slot online the other day and he got lucky and landed a big win. Geeks are not famous for bragging that is why we will not tell you exactly how much it was, but it was enough to get us all going crazy. There are many games out there and a true geek is driven by his curiosity, needless to say, that we are no different. Mei and Li, for example, do not share Jame’s passion for slots and prefer to play table games. While James loves to play wild swarm slot online lately, like a lot, Mei and Li are sitting down at a Blackjack table to give the dealer a hard time. According to them playing a table game is even more fun when you play it at a live casino. Sky and Alex agree with them because at a live casino you can really talk to the people at the table. Not only with your fellow players but with the dealer as well.

While I am typing this that geek James is getting ready to play wild swarm slot online again. That game really got him hooked. Me, I prefer other games like Roulette or the Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune. I just love to watch something turning and coming slowly to a stop. It is even better if that stop is exactly where I predicted it would be because in this case I usually land a big win. Meanwhile, I can hear the music of James as he plays wild swarm slot online over in the corner…