Gaming with D20


If you’ve ever tried to imagine what hanging out with us would be like, your dreams will come true… as soon as Li gets round to uploading the video. Last night we all got together to play some classic D&D and eat pizza – though Dean didn’t get to eat any pizza since he was joining us via Skype only. (What a loser, right?) But apart from Dean, there was nobody missing: it was me, Li, Mei, Sky, Alex, Meg, and the elephant in the room that is Alex’s crazy crush on Sky.

(Sorry man – you’re just too easy a target.)

In case you were wondering what the pizza toppings were, we had four different ones. Mine had anchovies and I had it pretty much to myself, while Sky and Meg monopolized something with pineapple. The other two were meat feasts, and I can’t make a joke about Mei and meat feasts without Li punching me, so I’m not going to try.

As you’d expect, we were pretty noisy and got one of the neighbors coming round to ask us to shut up, and I’m always going to regret the fact that we didn’t get video of Mei and Alex’s lip synch battle. (Mei was the victor by one vote.)

So as soon as we can we’ll put up a video on youtube or something of the craziness that is D20 in person. In the meantime, look out for us at a con near you… we’ll bring Buffy.

  • James