Games that need remakes

Controversial opinion time: I don’t think Free spins ltd. they needed to remake Final Fantasy VII. They’ve milked enough out of that franchise already, and the more they do to it, the less the storyline is making sense. Maybe a remake will clarify it, but maybe not… and I just can’t stand seeing that scene with Don Corneo with PS4 graphics. Please just don’t do that to me, okay?! If you do I will throw away my PS4 and start playing at any of these new online casinos like the free spins no deposit casino leovegas or actually a which I have been reading so much about lately bitcoin casinos. My best friend also owns a website where he promotes different of online casinos. Its quite interesting and got me thinking if I should start sometimng similar. You can check my friends website here and let me know what you think! I am ranting… back on topic now.

What does need remaking? Final Fantasy II. Flesh out the story, beef up the graphics, and it could be a really great rediscovered classic. Also, Final Fantasy VIII could use a remake too. Most of the appeal was in the graphics and they’ve really suffered with time, and maybe they could use the opportunity to address some of the myths about Rinoa casting a love spell on Squall or Seifer being mind controlled. (Come on, we’ve already got Edea and Rinoa being controlled. Let’s have an actual villain that we actually see through most of the game, not some cop-out. And make the fights against Seifer actually hard, too. He’s supposed to be your rival, but I can paste him in record time.) And the Time Compression thing that really didn’t make sense.

Also, Final Fantasy IX. Except make the main character Beatrix somehow and get rid of Steiner. That would kick ass.

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