A D20 is a type of die (as in the singular of dice). These are used with games like Dungeons & Dragons, but they’ve been used all over the world for gaming and gambling since at least the Ancient Egyptians (and come on, who doesn’t like the mental image of a bunch of cavemen playing Rocks & ‘Rexes?).

What better symbol for a group of geeks?

Are there 20 of you?

No, but we don’t let that stop us. You can check out our About Us page to see who exactly writes for the site!

What are you going to review?

Pretty much anything related to geek culture. So watch out for reviews of the latest Syfy B movie, the newest expansion to the world of Exalted, nostalgia pieces on Buffy… or just about anything else you can think of that the geeky kid in the back of your class loved.

Can I request you review something?

Do you own it? Can you give us a copy? If so, then yes! Someone from the team will probably be interested.

Can I join you?

No, we’re running the site together because we know each other. We don’t know you. Sorry.

Are you going to do any walkthroughs or live playthroughs?

Maybe! Once we’ve set up the site, we’ll see what we can do to expand the content available on our site. It’ll depend on what you guys are interested in.

Did you know that this is really geeky?

Well duh.