About us

D20 are a group of geeks, loosely connected by the fact that a) we’re all geeks and b) we all know each other. There’s a bunch of us from all over the place, so we’re going to include mini bios of everyone so you know who you’ll be seeing around.

James: Founder, 23 years old, lives in Michigan. Currently running far too many Exalted games at once.

“Remind me to rewrite this like a character build for a D&D game someday.”

Li: Co-founder, 24 years old, also from Michigan. Mostly spends his time programming. Also a big fan of comics. Don’t get him started on Marvel vs DC.

“When I grow up I want to be a kid again.”

Mei: Li’s twin sister, no longer from Michigan. Sci-fi junkie – if you need to know what obscure episode of Trek something happened in, you’d better ask Mei.

“If you post this, I’m never going to get a date again.”

Sky: We’re pretty sure that’s not her real name. Sky is 20 and currently attending college in New York. She’s pretty much living proof that blondes have more fun – and she has a great Buffy cosplay.

“I have a stake and I know how to use it.”

Alex: Has a hopeless crush on Sky. 21 years old and also attending college in NY. Alex is our resident gaming buff – if it’s a JRPG, he’s played it, he has an opinion, and he can run down the plot for you in fifteen minutes. If you can be bothered listening.

“I do not have a crush on Sky.”

Dean: Dean is our movie buff and would like to pretend his surname is Winchester and he owns a 1969 Impala. He’s not as handsome as Jensen Ackles, though, and we’re pretty sure he lives in Seattle.

“’67 Impala!”

Meg: Puts up with Dean periodically pretending to exorcise her, in a joke only about two of us get. She’s the obligatory Star Wars geek. Don’t leave her and Mei in the same room. Also, her birthday is May the 4th and she loves that fact.

“May the Force be with you!”